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When you're running a large multi-site organization, it can be nearly impossible to carve out time from the day-to-day demands to really dive deep and re-examine all your costs and ensure you're not leaving money on the table.

That's why HMS was asked to partner with Presbyterian Villages of Michigan (PVM), a faith-based, non-profit, multi-site system has 24 senior living communities including continuing care retirement communities (apartments, assisted living and skilled nursing all on one campus), subsidized senior housing and market rate senior housing. HMS worked closely with PVM’s staff to deploy a competitive bid process and consolidate vendors where possible. Over several cost savings projects, our team reviewed approximately $6,545,500 of annual spend and helped generate more than $1,046,000 in annual cost savings from both incumbent and alternative suppliers.

The best part? Several hundred thousand dollars of savings was delivered just 8 weeks after the beginning of the engagement!
“We couldn’t be happier with HMS. Prior to making any recommendations, HMS did very thorough research on our spending and interviewed key stakeholders. Through their diligence, they saved us over $440,000! The best part- most of the savings was delivered after only 8 weeks! HMS brought us subject matter experts and knowledge of discounted market pricing to save us $180,000 in pharmacy alone!"

Don House, VP of Finance, Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

Results for PVM

HMS looks into 8 key areas of operational expenses. For PVM, we were able to save significantly in 6 of the 8 areas.


Savings on Food


Savings on Rehabilitation


Pharmacy Savings


Savings on Office Lease


Savings on Medical Supplies


Savings on Office Supplies

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Texas-Based Retirement Community Saves 40% on Pharmacy (Without Switching Providers!)

Christian Care Communities & Services (CCC)
Healthcare Margin Specialists helped Christian Care Communities and Services to better understand their Pharmacy costs and options. Even though the organization was working with a group purchasing organization (GPO), they were still overpaying. Through our work together, they were able to realize enormous savings on their pharmacy costs. CCC is based in Mesquite, Texas, and is one of the leading not-for-profit continuing care retirement facilities in the state.
“When I reached out to HMS, I was especially interested to find out how they could help us with pharmacy costs. No one at our organization truly understood our contract with our pharmacy provider or if we were being billed correctly. HMS told us this was something they see all the time. The HMS team went to work and reported back to us that they could help us get 40% savings on our pharmacy spend - without even having to change providers!”

Doug Harrison, CFO & COO, Christian Care Communities & Services

$700,000+ Savings in 18 Months for Michigan-Based Non-Profit CCRC

Samaritas (formerly LSSM)
How would you feel if your senior care organization could save 30%?
Samaritas (formerly Lutheran Social Services of Michigan) has two independent and assisted living communities and two skilled nursing communities. Samaritas has been in operation since the early 1900s and now spans the entire Lower Peninsula with over 70 programs in 40 cities.

When Samaritas first engaged HMS, the staff was skeptical of the new partnership. HMS' transparent, unbiased and data-driven approach quickly built trust and allowed for a very collaborative partnership.

HMS led Samaritas in a competitive bid process and consolidated vendors where possible. The HMS team reviewed approximately $4,280,000 of annual spend and helped generate more than $700,000 in increased margin over 18 months - with most of the savings realized in the first 10 weeks of the partnership.
“HMS' no-risk business model made the decision to partner with them very easy and straightforward. The focus, understanding, and data the HMS team brought to us was invaluable. The pharmacy SME's knowledge of costs and methods of delivering true discounted medicines was exceptional. We truly could never have done this on our own. Because of HMS, we are realizing more than 30% in cost reduction!”

Jerry Benjamin, Chief Financial Officer, Samaritas

Results for Samaritas

HMS looks into 8 key areas of operational expenses. For Samaritas, we were able to save significantly in 5 of the 8 areas.


Pharmacy Savings


Short-Term Rehab Services


Office Supplies


Natural Gas Procurement


Mobile Imaging Diagnostics


Savings on Office Supplies

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What do you do when you want to significantly reduce your operating expenses without sacrificing quality?
United Methodist Retirement Communities (UMRC) turned to Healthcare Margin Specialists when they wanted to cut a significant portion of their operating expenses in a smart way. UMRC is a non-profit, faith-based continuing care retirement community that has been serving the people of Michigan for over a century.

HMS was able to deploy a competitive bid process that secured savings from both incumbent and alternative suppliers. Our team reviewed $1,447,536 of annual spend and helped generate more than $110,000 in annual cost savings - most of which was delivered in the first 2 months of the engagement!
“When we started this project, I didn’t have any reason not to trust HMS but as a purchasing professional with responsibilities to UMRC, I needed to verify the savings they delivered. I was very pleased with the thorough, transparent, and easy-to-understand reporting HMS delivered. I would be happy to recommend HMS to any organization that wishes to reduce expenses while also working with a partner that truly has their clients’ best interests at heart.”

Linda Stephens, Inventory Control, UMRC

HMS works with long-term senior care organizations to review and negotiate expenses to lower costs, increase purchasing power, monitor continued savings, and improve margins. The result? Peace of mind and more cash on hand to invest in your residents.
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